Dominic made up all the external armour plates.

4kg lead and steel counterweight for the hammer, to reduce the effect of the centripetal force generated by it. Hopefully.
Lead block is made up from layers of 1.8mm lead flashing.

Lever and chain wheel for driving the hammer. Designed to withstand the 800kg+ generated by the pneumatic cylinder.

Made up a couple of brass assemblies for pnuematic connections.
The rear one is for decanting Nitrogen from the BOC bottle into the onboard fire extinguisher. Has a 0.4mm orifice to restrict the flow rate.
The smaller one is for fitting in the 'bot to connect the extinguisher to the regulator.

Monster Ripmax industrial PS050 servo. These generate five times the torque (91kgcm) of the old ones. All aluminium case.