Charity Event at St.Mathews Primary School in Whitehill, Hampshire, England

Many thanks to the Plunderbird Team for organising an excellent event.
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KillerHurtz, with Dom's offer of free photos.
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Scenes from the battle between Panic Attack and Cassius.
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The utterly gorgeous Razer, now with a tail and 'wings', for self-righting.
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Cassius II
d41.jpg (42557 bytes)d32.jpg (46361 bytes)d11.jpg (58223 bytes)d40.jpg (53748 bytes)d12.jpg (58362 bytes)d13.jpg (54008 bytes) Note Blue plastic airbags (sections of fire-hose) for variable ride-height.

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Mortis. Note the titanium tube lifting arm, left of centre. In the last pic you can see the steel hawser that actuates it.
They will be using two new motors that power both  the axe and the arm.
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Panic Attack. Has new front spikes, using two electric linear actuators.
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Panic Attack II?
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More Panda Monium
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Terminal Ferocity
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Facet, sponsored by DeBeers! 80mm pneumatic ram lifts front panel.
d30.jpg (49269 bytes)d36.jpg (56135 bytes)d31.jpg (21860 bytes) with onboard video camera
d44.jpg (22822 bytes) damage inflicted by Challenger spikes. 2mm polycarbonate.

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