pecker.jpg (9182 bytes)Made up yet another axe head. Old one was a bit beaten up after Series 4 and was a bit heavy anyway. This one is cut from 10mm 7075 ally plate with an ally socket welded in to accept the 20mm silver steel spike.

axe.jpg (15662 bytes)New axe shaft to go with the new head. 2 x 1.5" 2014A T6 ally bar from Metalfast machined out to get it down to about 2.7kg. Idea blatantly copied from the Dominator team, as is the tapering and polishing of the spike to try and avoid it getting stuck in the opposition. Lessons learnt the hard way from them in the annihilator special at the end of Series 4.

We were actually quite reluctant to use the axe in Series 4, because every time it hit anything, it got stuck - see our heat on BBC2 on 24th-26th Nov.

floor.jpg (27800 bytes) Made up a new floor as the old one was quite badly warped after we were held over the flame pit in Series 4. We then proceeded to cut it in half again, to facilitate transportation to BattleBots in Las Vegas.